About us

FAPEFE is a non-political non-profit NGO existing since 1990 which has several humanitarian missions such as sustainable volunteering, social promotion, and training, inclusive and integral quality education to the benefit of the disadvantaged and vulnerable woman. This is to promote inclusive education for all (IPTS).
FAPEFE directs its actions towards orphans, disabled, large families and poor people in a gender approach. The foundation fight against poverty and social inequalities (illiteracy, marginalization, unemployment …), it promotes children’s rights, environmental education, arts and crafts,human rights, agriculture, scholarships granting, educational and vocational, cultural, artistic, sports, musical, sanitary, moral insertion and reading. It also directs its action toward ICTs promotion, sensitisation and the fight against HIV / AIDS and major endemic diseases (malaria, cholera …).
All these activities are carried out within the premises of Noula 
Bilingual Primary and Nursery School  that the foundation created the 21 of August 1997.

We are one of Cameroon’s leading child welfare organizations. We have a vision of a world in which all children realize their full potentials in a society that respects people’s dignity.Most user-friendly our website offers a variety of features and give an insight of our past, present and future projects. We are still rooted to our humanitarian purpose of assisting the underprivileged children in Cameroon by bringing them opportunities for better lives.We owe an eternal debt of gratitude to all of those, past and present, who assisted us in enhancing, empowering and restoring communities in need. We still look forward to working with you as well as other organizations, both local and international, with an inclination to fostering growth and development in needy Cameroonian communities.You will have the opportunity to explore and have detailed information on our organisation and what we are doing by way of civil society contribution to the improvement of lives and society in a meaningful way. Moreover, you will find information on how you might get involved with us in this unique approach to social engagement in Cameroon especially in the rural areas.
While hoping that you will find useful information here, we also hope by this medium to reach the widest audience and mobilize the largest network possible.
We welcome your comments, inquiries and suggestions.

Jean Eudes David NOUMEGNE

Executive Director, FAPEFE

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