Avoid fraud

Avoid fraud: How to protect yourself

FAPEFE (Fondation des Femmes Actives pour la Promotion l’Education de la Femme et de L’Enfant) is deeply concerned about the fraudulent use of our name and logo by unethical individuals who deliberately abuse the trust of FAPEFE supporters worldwide. As a small nonprofit in Africa, we make every attempt to make ourselves and our practices transparent. If you have been contacted by FAPEFE, please read the following information to assure yourself of our legitimacy.

Following are details on how fraud is perpetrated – and how to help protect both FAPEFE and yourself from its potential serious consequences.

Fraudulent offers

We have received reports that imposters have used FAPEFE’s name – and our hard-earned credibility – to solicit members of the public via websites, e-mails and phone calls. If you have been contacted, please do not provide any of your personal information until you have confirmed that you are communicating with someone from the official email or phone number listed below. We are alerting the general public in an effort to ensure that people do not become victims, and are lured into providing their personal contact details.

Please be advised that websites, e-mails and telephone calls offering volunteering or prizes on behalf of FAPEFE are fabricated and fraudulent. Only FAPEFE is authorized to send communications or appeals to the public in FAPEFE’s name.

Volunteering Opportunities with FAPEFE

Please don’t be deceived by the caption « NO Fee Volunteer Opportunities in Africa or Volunteer opportunities for free. » There is no such advertisement with FAPEFE.

All FAPEFE volunteers pay the sum between 250 and 400 euros to cover their cost of stay while in Cameroon.

The the legal and official email address of FAPEFE is :

Please any other email address you used is FRAUD .There are some internet scammer who has created email address and duped volunteers of their monies. Examples of those email addresses are:

Any mails send to those listed address is FAKE and ILLEGAL.

Never Send Money Via Western Union

  • FAPEFE does not ask any volunteers to make payments via Western Union; anyone who asks this of you is not related to our organization.
  • For volunteers who make payments or donations in advance of their arrival, this is conducted through a direct bank transfer to our certified school account.
  • Use this official website of FAPEFE and please call us at any time if you are concerned about the legitimacy of requests involving money.

Our contact numbers are :

  • Office +237 22 30 20 13
  • Mobile +237 77 03 71 14 / 77 42 48 91

Jean Eudes David NOUMEGNE
Executive Director, FAPEFE