Donate to Fondation des Femmes Actives pour la Promotion de¬† l’Education de la Femme et l’Enfant(FAPEFE).

We would like to inform you about the type of donations and assistance in which you can partake, in order to help underprivileged kids acquire education and make them independent people of the society. Below are the type of sponsorship programs and donations.

Your generous contribution will make a difference in the lives of children and support programs that make a difference in the lives of children in Cameroon.

As a small, grassroots, non-profit organization with Reg No: 00330/RDA/JO6/BAPP, we can make your donation go a lot further than you realize. One hundred percent of donations and grants given to FAPEFE are used to support sustainable projects. However large or small, your donation can really make a difference to what we can achieve.Choose the program and amount which suits you best:

(1) Improvement and equipment of a school- Noula Nursery and Primary School

FAPEFE is in search of good willed people, companies or charities, organizations and other non profits that could help us improve and equip a school for children in the AWAE Maison-Rouge neighbourhood located at the outstretch of Yaoundé in the Centre Province of Cameroon. This project is aimed to tackle one of the many problems that affect children in this community. This area is mainly rural and children face a lot of difficulties to obtain basic education. Our Mission is to provide education to the children of the area, so they would not be deprived of education based on their locality or family financial circumstances.

Our wish is to improve the school structure so that we can l guarantee low cost fees for poor families create jobs and become self sufficient.

(2) Sponsor a Child

Child sponsorship is a wonderful way to bring hope and change to a child living in poverty. We sponsor children (orphans, vulnerable, rural poor and underprivileged children) to school. Your financial contribution can enable us buy text and excises book, school uniforms, sandals, school bag etc. By paying the school fees for one of the children, you help the child to get good quality education. In return, you will be kept up-to-date about the progress of your sponsor child. The sponsorship is automatically terminated after one year unless you indicate that you wish to continue.

(3) Holiday Summer Program for Children and young people

Our summer program is weeks summer holiday program of one month organised by FAPEFE within the current premises of the Noula School which brings together vulnerable kids and children from various neighbourhooods of Yaounde.Those kids and young people attend workshops and training on english and french languages, paintings,drawing,music,HIV/AIDS sensitisation,cultural sharing with the participation of volunteers from foreign countries(China,Netherlands,Germany,England,Japan,Italy,…),responsible sexuality … .

With your Financial donations, workshop materials needed for the summer Holiday program can be organised for the kids and these include, training materials, Tour to selected parks and recreation center, Transportation , Accomodation and feeding for the volunteers etc.

Other projects that require your contributions are:

-* HIV/AIDS Awareness program in rural communities -* Youth Leadership Program -* Prevention and Elimination of Child Labour and forced child marriage -* Community Sports: You can donate in kind as well, (athletic shoes,balls,football boots,uniforms,T-shirts,shorts,goalkeepers gear,medals,trophies,first aid equipments, referee gear, nets etc)

Others ways to support FAPEFE are presented on this page.


We received supports from :

Crossroad, Hong Kong (Material donation in 2015)

Gered (Material donation in 2012)

Individual Supports

Sara Stalland and familly, USA

Seeptena J Van Houen, USA (Ark Jammers) (Sponsor a child in 2012)