Physical Development and sports

Physical development(Sports)


The main objective of our community sport program is the promotion of youths in the involvement of community development and leadership. In a society like Cameroon mired in poverty, young people could be faced with a range of problems which could lead to distress and even mental illnesses. Failure at examination, family problems, unhealthy peer group relationships and drug abuse that could cause stress. Street children are vulnerable to a wide range of social ills, including drugs and alcohol abuse, gang violence, prostitution and involvement in crime. Many young people have multiple and complex difficulties which require intensive support. FAPEFE gives one-to-one support to young people, offering practical training, help and advice in solving their problems and helping to improve their lives. Sports, especially collective disciplines like football, basketball, tennis, etc, could provide useful remedies. It could help children/youths to develop team spirit, tolerance and living without violence. Our project is all about football and different games as a cultural mediator and a medium for social development.

Sports play a vital role in the economic and social well being of our communities, state and nation. Those who excel in sports could become bread winners for their families and change their fortunes dramatically. World famous players like Song Bahanag are from poor desolate families.FAPEFE mobilizes people willing to contribute time, resources and expertise for the greater good of our society.