Special project

Our projects

1) Noula Nursery and Primary School

FAPEFE is in search of good willed people, companies or charities, organizations and other non profits that could help us improve and equip a school for children in the AWAE Maison-Rouge neighbourhood located at the outstretch of Yaoundé in the Centre Province of Cameroon. This project is aimed to tackle one of the many problems that affect children in this community. This area is mainly rural and children face a lot of difficulties to obtain basic education. Our Mission is to provide education to the children of the area, so they would not be deprived of education based on their locality or family financial circumstances.

Our wish is to improve the school structure so that we can guarantee low cost fees for poor families and  street children, help orphans and handicapped, create jobs and become self sufficient.

So we are looking for volunteers who can be part of the teaching staff, managing and administrative staff of the school. We also expect the volunteer to do fundraisings to equip the school.


2) FAPEFE Multimedia Center and Library

FAPEFE has started within the premises of NOULA school with the collaboration of one of his volunteer Sara Stalland from United States the setting up of a Multimedia Center and a Library. The Multimedia Centre is being used for ICT Initiation for the students of NOULA school. Unfortunately the 7 seven computers that we had at the beginning are definitely not enough and also the library is taking books and reading materials which can improve the culture and the knowledge of the students of NOULA school.

We are therefore looking for organisations, sponsors and donors who can help us to acquire more computers, books and items for the library.

We are looking for volunteers to deliver ICT classes and lessons to NOULA school students, teachers and administrative staff, to manage the multimedia center and the library, to do fundraising for equipping the center in computers and reading materials,to bring in any new ideas to improve the functioning and the quality of the service delivered by center.


3) FAPEFE teachers rooms and Volunteers rooms

FAPEFE has started since 1997 to build a set of rooms and apartments situated 4km from the NOULA school. They were intended to host all the teachers and volunteers who will be working for Noula School and wanted to to be hosted by FAPEFE. The idea here is to keep the teachers and the volunteers the closer possible of the work place for them to spent less money in transportation and moving fees, being available for the work and also create a convivial and familial atmosphere among the local staff and the volunteers.
The project was funded by FAPEFE at the beginning, but because of financials issues we have not been able to continue.
For this project, we are looking for organizations, individual donors, sponsors who will help us to continue the construction works. We are also looking for volunteers who will raise funds to continue the constructions works.
Feel free to contact us to participate in one of these projects as a volunteer, donator or sponsors.
4) Dental care project

Mouth hygiene and the importance of using a toothbrush properly is of utmost importance in all societies but in some local areas of Cameroon this concern is alarming. The main problem is that most children in these remote parts of Cameroon have grown up never using a toothbrush. This has contributed to a number of mouth- and dental-related illnesses, whereby most of these children loose their teeth at a very young age due to a lack of basic hygiene education and sanitation material.

The shortage of professional dentistry in many regions results in irregular or non-existent check ups. In addition, the health insurance schemes in developing countries are generally poor, which also contributes to the low mouth and dental hygiene standards.

Together with a number of international volunteers, FAPEFE regularly educates various groups of children on how important it is to have good mouth hygiene and maintain healthy teeth. Children not only receive exercises on how to brush their teeth properly but also on how they can prevent themselves from catching various mouth diseases and tooth infections.

Each child receives a complementary toothbrush, toothpaste, a drinking cup and most importantly animated instructions from the volunteer instructor on how to keep their mouths and teeth clean.


5) Christmas Tree  for Orphans

Christmas is a time in the year where most people develop more the feelings of security, warmth and love. However, warm tidings and figgy pudding are not a given for many children in some parts of the world. In Cameroon there are over 150000 orphans living on the streets or in orphanages.

Therefore, FAPEFE came up with the Christmas Tree for Orphans project which has as goal to support a selected orphanage during the Christmas season where some of our team members and volunteers celebrate Christmas with children of the specified orphanage. Celebrations include a Christmas Dinner, singing and enjoying carols, making decorations, dancing and sharing gifts.

The cost of providing gifts and a special meal to these children is prohibitive for the orphanage, so FAPEFE has committed itself to making the season merry by bringing love, hope, and joy into the lives of these children.

Every year public and private sponsors and donors assist us in the realization of this project especially when it comes to contributing toys or financial aid. We always welcome all types of support.
6) Scholarships and Grants

FAPEFE want to  support a number of schools, orphanages and social centres since its inception. Our grant making and scholarship initiative serves as a main tool in motivating and enhancing the skills and work of many people and institutions in local Cameroonian societies.

At the end of each school year, FAPEFE rewards orphans, handicapped, girls, low incomes families, large families, outstanding students and pupils with prizes usually in the form of scholarships, books and exercises books, which enables them to continue their studies.

We have carried out this project for over six years now with our own limited fundings.
So we are calling to any charitable individuals or organizations  who can help us to continue and improve the quality of this project.