Volunteering costs


Our volunteering program costs between 400 to 700 Euros per month which covers: airport pick-up, administrative expenses, room & board, orientation and supervision, a FAPEFE T-Shirt, and support for promotional projects. Part of the administrative expenses go towards supporting FAPEFE and the Noula School; you may partially apply it as a donation. The other costs you will need to meet are: your flights, visa, vaccinations, travel insurance, your departure from the program, and airport departure taxes. You may also want to estimate a weekly budget of up to 30 Euro for other daily expenses like bottled water, personal costs, and entertainment.

Visa arrangements
Volunteers are generally responsible for organizing their visa, vaccination, transport and any other travel related items/costs. If you are coming through another organization, they may do some or all of this for you .please check with your organization about this .We are not responsible for these arrangements but we are willing to assist if need be. Volunteers applying to us through other organizations or directly will receive an official invitation letter legalized at the immigration office.
Usually, FAPEFE requires the following information from accepted applicants to establish an invitation letter:
  • Physical address
  • Passport number
  • Passport date of issue
  • Passport date of expiry
  • A full size foto for the announcement of the arrival of the applicant
  • Arrival and departure dates (flexible)
  • Cameroon visa fees vary from country to country. Please check with your embassy or High Commission for the fees.

NB: All persons going in and out of Cameroon  are required to pay a compulsory 20 USD  for the airport fees.

Program schedule: Our volunteer program is open year-round and volunteer placement is nationwide. Volunteers can stay from a period of two weeks to one year. Your stay can be extended beyond a year on a case-by-case basis (depending upon our partner’s requirements). The Teaching program is also closed during school holidays which runs during April (two weeks), and early June to early September and ending December/early January. Volunteer teachers can work during school holidays if the majority of their placement is during the school term. These volunteers need to come prepared to volunteer in the orphanage program during holiday times, promote activities of FAPEFE on the web, and fundraise.

Volunteer Accommodation: The types of accommodation vary from one project to the next. The volunteers usually live in comfortable dormitories or stay with host families. Cooking, cleaning and domestic chores are carried out by the volunteers themselves during their stay whether they are living in dormitories or staying with host families.