Leatrice Brown Jr. from USA

Volunteer in 2013

Mr Jean Eudes David Noumegne the he owner and founder of the FAPEFE NGO and the founder of 

the NOULA School. I was invited to tour the School, the school has 14 teachers and 450 sttudents. I was amaze at the warm welcoming that I received by the children, when Mr Noumegne introduced me. The schoool has all of the lireal Arts, Math, History, geography,sciences, etc. The teachers are good teachers and the children are very intelligents. The school is in need of donators to partnership.Fapefe provides Education freely for all the children in needs.The NOULA School open in 1997 and the N.G.O. Was founded for all children Rights for free or low cost Education. They inform about AIDS, Training for ICT. The school is in need of modern computers, toilets, classrooms, school Bus.etc So when I return to the U.S.A. I will work and partnership with Mr. Jean Eudes David, to help raise materials, He is in vision and wisdom working in the aspect that children are the future.

All my commitment.