Gael Keunmogne Sandock from Cameroon

Gael Keunmogne Sandock from Cameroon

Volunteer 2012 

I am a Cameroonian citizen and I taught at Noula School in Yaounde-Cameroun for 3(three) weeks. 

Since the school year was about the beginning at that time, I started planning and organizing courses for children at Noula School. The courses were supposed to give student English and ICT (Information and communication technology). Therefore, I put effort and I have done all my best to make sure students will understand better. I gave courses to all francophone classes and ICT to Anglophone classes. During that period, I had a lot of fun and some great moments together with the students. The teachers were also very kindly and we use to plan everything in order to help the students as much as possible.

  As I was a Cameroonian citizen, I lived with my family at biteng a nice quarter in yaounde and my boss is my neighbor. Sometimes, I use to go to my boss house and his wife made me trying many different traditional Cameroonian dishes. It was good, and I was delighted all that time.

All in all, I ran out of time really quickly and could have stayed even longer. I had a great time at COMPLEX INTERNATIONAL Noula School ONG FAPEFE.