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Information Technology

Information Technology

Bridging the Technology Divide

Problem : Only about 2% of primary schools and almost 100% of nursery schools within Yaoundé and its surrounding area have computers installed in their schools, yet the government has mandated computer science as a subject to be taught in secondary schools. Lack of access and training in Information Technology is contributing to underdevelopment, not only in the educational sector but in the whole of the Cameroonian economy.

Solution: We need financial resources to buy sufficient computers and technology to support their use, or donated materials to set up a computer lab. In 2010, one of our volunteers, Sara Stalland, raised some funds in the U.S. in an attempt to set up a Multimedia Center. Seven computers at the Bilingual Primary and Nursery Noula School were installed. Those seven computers are not enough to help us reach our goals. Help us to train and educate our communities.

Community Multimedia Centers

One of our major objectives is to provide access to new information and communication technologies in rural communities in Cameroon. The Multimedia Center created in 2010 allows the students and staff of the school and the members of the community access to computers after school. As well, our partner, AIESEC, relies on this space for their Information and Communication Technology training program. Currently, the center is equipped with only 7 computers. We would like to expand the offerings in this center to include additional technology items and software to enhance learning, and more computers.