How you can help

Donate Goods

Volunteers and friends of FAPEFE often travel from Europe, USA, Canada, etc to Cameroon. Also, we ship computers in containers for our IT projects. If you can help to donate any of these items (new or used), contact us to let us know and we will arrange collection. Thank you for helping:

  • Household equipment: mattresses, carpets, pots, books, toys,irons,fans,
    knives, refrigerators, microwave, washing machineswater filter, pots ..
  • Clothing: Clean men´s, women´s and children´s clothing, bedding, shoes, curtains, work uniforms, sweaters, blouses, bed covers,overalls
  • Working tools: sewing machines, mechanical or carpentry tools, farming and cookery tools, plumbingelectrical, audiovisual, welding, painting, music, sports and gymnastics tools,toboogan,slides
  • Transportation: bikes, cars, trucks, tractors, school buses
  • Health items: medication, first aid material, hospital equipment, mosquito nets
  • Technology: Flat screen monitors, Laptops, CPUs, projectors, digital video cameras, copy machines, TVs,scanners,office stationnery,megaphone.
  • Office furnitures: Desks,lamination machines, binding machines,book cases


We accept gratefully any functional kind of useful equipment.