SimpleXML is loaded Sponsor a child at NOULA School

Sponsor a child at NOULA School

These children stand a chance to succeed in life. All that they lack is probably what you have. You can give them a chance to live in reality what they all along only had in their dreams, a better and normal life.

Do you want to offer orphans destitute and street children a better future? How about giving them an opportunity to learn how to live right, how about showing them the way to make a better life for themselves? FAPEFE works for and with disadvantaged children and youths in Cameroon. We use the expertise of Volunteers and local, experience as mentors to get kids off the streets and teach them to be productive, and effective while caring for themselves, a positive place in their respective communities. By providing support and a ray of hope to orphans, we make a tangible difference. By offering an enabling environment and empowering kids with the tools and skills they need to make a difference for themselves and within their different spheres of influence.

We are working to stop child trafficking, child labour and exploitation, to reinsert street children into their various communities by providing training and education to orphans and the underprivileged. We are gradually but positively earning credibility in orphanages in Cameroon as abandoned and underprivileged kids are making positive strides.

Should you desire to make a difference, should you wish to offer a better future for any disadvantaged or underprivileged child who needs a ray of hope, allow a student the chance to have a good education. Sponsor a student for the year/annually. You can support part or all of the costs.

Any action you do is live given to a kid.




Registration costs

Tuition costs

School books costs

Uniforms+sport wear+pullover costs

Food and drinks costs

Total cost per year


for handicapped and orphans

(children in the most difficult situations)


22 000

74 500

13 000

10 500

30 000

150 000

Class 1 to

Class 5

22 000

72 000

25 000

16 000

20 000

155 000

Class 6

27 000

69 000

33 500

16 000

15 000

160 500

Assisting sponsorship

For families with low incomes

(this helps parents to offset school fees)


22 000



66 750



Class 5

22 000

36 000


70 500

Class 6

27 000

34 500

15 000

76 500

*To convert CFA into your currency, go to We use Communauté Financière Africaine Francs (XAF).